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Buying a Falabella from us.

All of our foals are weaned no earlier than six months of age.  After weaning we like to keep the foals with us for a further two weeks to ensure they are settled and well adjusted before making any further journeys.  Rushing this process is neither healthy or settling for the foal.

All of our horses are wormed regularly.  In addition to regular worming we take the extra precaution of taking samples from our horses which are sent off to our local Vet for worm egg counts.  The results from the count tell us which horses, if any, still have a worm burden and they can be treated accordingly followed two weeks later by a further worm count to ensure the horse is clear.  Some laboratories recommend that where you have a number of horses in a paddock you test just one or two and take an average, we test them all.

All foals are injected on the day of birth.  

Horses will need hoof trims every 6-8 weeks.  The cost of this in our area is £12 per trim but this varies from area to area.

Ask your Equine Dentist to carry out annual checks as a matter of course.  In between these visits we recommend you carry out your own checks.  Always feel around the mouth of a horse for sharp edges to the teeth especially if you notice that your horse seems uncomfortable when eating or is losing condition. If in doubt always call your Equine Dentist.

Feed and Water
All horses should have a constant supply of clean drinking water.  During the winter months it is essential to break any ice and remove from water buckets, horses left without water for any period of time are more prone to Colic.

Our horses have no additional feed when grass is plentiful but during the late Autumn and Winter months when grass is not in such good supply we feed hay. 

Horses who are old, have been unwell or show signs of losing condition are given hard feed to maintain condition.  (Naturally if your horse is underweight or unwell seek Veterinary advice in the first instance).

All horses should have shelter of some kind throughout the year.  Natural shelter (trees, hedging) or field shelters are suitable.  We have a mixture of both at Falabella Wales. If horses are left in exposed areas they will lose body condition rapidly.  If you are unable to provide shelter please do not consider keeping a horse.

Horse Rugs
Our horses all have rugs but we try to avoid using them.  If a horse is in good condition you should be able to keep them outdoors (with shelter) without problem.  Monitor the condition of your horse regularly and you will soon be able to decide if/when a rug is necessary.

Warning:  If you use a rug in the winter make sure it is fully waterproof and check it daily for leakage.  If a rug lets the water through the horse will become cold and sore.  Check daily for sore patches caused by the rug rubbing your horse.  During these daily checks look at the body condition of your horse, the rug can quite easily hide the first signs that your horse is unwell.

After Sales Support
We will always support any Customer for as long as they feel necessary.  In the past we have emailed Customers as we worm the horses, farrier them, when we start to give hay in the winter months etc, this just gives them little reminders that they may wish to do the same for their horses.  We find that over the first year this proves invaluable and we're always at the end of the phone too.

We would strongly encourage anyone purchasing a horse to get them vetted. Horses are a big investment and a vetting gives you the peace of mind that your new horse has a clean bill of health.   

If you decide to buy a Falabella from us we welcome any vetting.  We are able to supply you with a list of local Veterinarians if you wish and we will declare any dealings we may have had with them.  It is up to you as the Customer to pay the Vet for the vetting.  

We are more than happy to put you in touch with horse transporters and if time allows we may be able to deliver to you but do have to charge for the mileage.

Returning Horse After Sale/Terms and Conditions
If for any reason you are unhappy with your horse after you purchase from us we are more than happy to take the horse back (up to seven days after purchase) and a full refund will be given.  Transportation back to us will have to be arranged and paid for in full by you the Customer and we would require a vetting  which you will pay for with a vet of our choice when returning a horse to our property.  This is to ensure the horse is free from illness/disease.

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